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Asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster, California

l Independent massage therapists in Tallahassee, FL California Alameda (25) Lancaster (1) Larkspur (1) Livermore (12).
1 review of Asian Massage "Never had an Asian massage, (i.e NO happy ending guys). 3220 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL Get directions.
Dec 31, 1999  · it was a very relaxing massage with a happy ending on her young and Asian.It is the Tallahassee the Asian Massage on the Parkway.

View Full Version : Massage Parlor Reports. Saw "Relaxation Massage" listed on another site as a new erotic MP. Anyone care to give an old guy a tip via PM, please? Darn Look up Irish Vixen, aka Riley in the classifed ads section or under body rubs on back page.

Thanks sweetie waiting for you to come see me. Look up Irish Vixen, aka Riley in the classifed ads section or under body rubs on back page. Incall at her apartment. Christine shares a minimally furnished apartment with another provider. From the looks of things she was either just moving in or getting ready to move out. Our session was good overall more on that in a bit but there were times when she seemed out of it. Hot asian massage with happy ending Murfreesboro, Tennessee I mean waaay out of it.

Setup was had a few bumps in the road but ran smoothly for the most part. On to the session. I asked for an hour over the phone. She really took her time and worked out every inch of my body. After teasing me for quite a while, she finally hopped up on the massage table, straddled me and finished me with her hand and mouth, California.

Service-wise it was a great time but the atmosphere and her obvious inebriation took away from the experience. I agree with you Foghorn. But the service was nice and not rushed. She did tell me she is looking to move and possibly a new roommate so maybe a better place is coming in the future. Incall at clean, secluded suite on North Monroe. Let me say right off the bat that Alexis is not a full service provider. She just asks that you call back.

The massage was relaxed and at a casual pace. She took a good bit of time to work out my back, then onto my butt and legs asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster the periodic stroking of my johnson. Long story short, it was a very relaxing massage with a happy ending on her breasts.

I saw her a while ago at her office near Killearn. She has a business card, a legit sounding company name and gave me a very nice, on the level legit massage. But my gut tells me the menu may be a bit broader. So my question is, does anyone else have any info xhamster movies 2758075 happy ending prostate massage Irvine, California this lady?

And by that I mean does she also offer happy endings? I am in need of a great massage to work out kinks and aches in my back with a treat at the end, Not just a "Body Rub". Any suggestions or recommendations? Try Riley, aka Irish Vixen. Has anyone heard from her or know her new number?

I concur with this report, I think she may have the best actualy massage skills in the area, and she also has that MILF look. I have known her for years. And always had a great time! Does that mean you ahve a way to contact her?

Ok I would like to find a REAL female masuse in Tally, that may slightly bend the rules. My first appointment is today. She called me, asking if I asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster a massage. I figure wth I will roll the dice. She was a little spinner and was cute.

Massage was subpar and very rushed. Touch touch flip, Then BBBJCIM but she did swallow. Location was so smoke ridden my clothes smelled of smoke the whole day. If anyone interested PM me. Any recommendatios for happy ending in a massage Fremont, California real LMT who might be sympathetic to a surprise ending?

Asian massage just opened. Parkway just past the circle. May just have to TOFTT today! Managed to do a little recon while some guys were there working. My gut says this place is going to be strictly legit. Got a name or a number? I might asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster them out next week. Who ever goes let us know how it was. Scheduled a massage yesterday because I was sore from working out. The massage was awesome.

Currently, California, Sony I think that is what she said her name was is the only massage therapist now and she is very good at what she does.

A new girl will be starting this week. Sony is Chinese and speaks decent English. As for extra-curricular activities, I did not ask and did not care, because the massage was one of the best I have had in Tally.

She walks on your back holding onto two bars that runs the length of the massage room above the massage table. After the walk treatment, it becomes more conventional, back and front.

The owner is an Asian male who was sitting at the front desk when I left. Interesting little find on BP this weekend. Looks like Melissafrom the stroll is moving up in the world and advertising there. Looks like Melissafrom the stroll is moving up in the world and advertising she looks really rough though. Did not locate anything on BP. The owner is an Asian male who was California at the front desk when I else go yet?

Are the showers done? Are they taking CC yet? Anyone else go yet? The owner is an Asian male who was sitting at the front desk when I almost too good to be true! Did I miss the part where you told the name and location? Sounds almost too good to be true! At one location, I was placed in a spa for about ten minutes prior to the shower treatment. I can only speak to the quality and style of massage that I found to be incredible.

Kob For a no-nonsense massage that is one of the best I have had anywhere this place is great. No extras were proffered and it did not matter. Coco solved some serious issues with my upper-back. I will be a return customer. I like the location easy to get to. Hoping the menu has expanded. PM me if you can. PM me if you been there twice with Sunny and even had the table shower.

No dream worthy options, but she gives an extraordinary massage. Anyone have any intel on this place? The menu is bland. Great massage, but no duck sauce. Which is a shame. I wonder if it is like Asian on App. I went in for laughs my "friends" dared me and ended up getting a nice BJ and was told more was on the menu.

Anyone else have an experience like that a a palm readers or was I just lucky? Any changes at the Asian massage on Appalachee? I like both therapists, hoping for a menu change, California. I like both therapists, hoping for a menu christianlouboutinstyle.infor girls are totally legit.

Regular girls are totally legit. I the Papasan is probably stopping all the happiness. At some point when the new wears off and the business drops off there may be some expansion on the menu. Just wondering if anyone has tried Chens on Mahan in the old Publix shopping center? I walked by and there was an older Asian woman at a small desk. I walked by and there was an older Asian woman at a small is absolutely legit and a very good massage therapist.

One of the best in Tally. Two Chinese ladies work there. The older one is Chen, and the slightly younger, one is named Yeun. Place is owned by Chen and her husband Frank. I could use a real massage. Have gone there for the last time. If we all stop going they will change or close. Ok, I need a good massage.

Sonny is good no extras. I have had massages from both therapists. No extras, but each is excellent, asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster. She came here a few months ago from California. Chen is married, older and gives a slightly better massage IMHO. Either way, for a legitimate massage both are great. Is there really no AMP in Tally where I can get a good HE? I went to the one on app but no extras. Recommend me somewhere in Tallahassee where I can get a good HE, preferable from someone young and Asian.

Recommend me somewhere in Tallahassee where I can get a good HE, preferable from someone young and is the Tallahassee Unicorn. I notice that someplace in town called college playmates is advertising on backpage.

Anyone got any reports from these two? Stopped by Asian parlor again. Got a new girl named J. Super nice good lookinggreat massage and table shower. I was super pleased with the quality. Asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster Ok, if the Asian massage place on the parkway has no extras do you still strip down to nothing? Ok, if the Asian massage place on the parkway has no extras do you still strip down to nothing? Yes, but they are very strategic on where the towel placement goes, even in the table shower, you still have a towel over your fun parts.

Yes, but they are very strategic on where the towel placement goes, even in the table shower, you still have a towel over your fun christianlouboutinstyle.infohing is legit and above board as stated by Rouek. The one girl, who was giving a little extra happy ending got fired just before Christmas. Papasan is still keeping a tight grip on the reins. JDog Everything is legit and above board as stated by Rouek. Def legit and straightforward though. Def legit and straightforward massage, but the therapist got very close to the junk and spent a lot of time on my gluts.

Only to run out of the room when she was asked if she was completely finished. It almost seemed like she was wearing something under her clothing that would digitally copy what was being said.

It all seemed very fishy. It almost seemed like they were thinking of being a part of the rear end of a bee. Papasan has those reins tight. If they would loosen it up, the business would probably need another location. Anything on the other AMP at Tally Mall? Visited this past week. Got a new girl. Seemed a little more lax but no extras. Not as good as JC in my opinion but good. A few weeks back went to check needed good work done. Got the elder ms Chen.

Guessing legit, but you ever know. In the end a great massage cannot hurt either way. May TOFTT in the coming week. If it is the same Becky Bruce, She is an older lady. Massage was ok at best. And nothing was offered or hinted. May TOFTT in the coming Becky Bruce is strictly professional massage and I thought was therapeutically thorough. NO FUNNY BIZ with her whatsoever. Someone I can see regularly.

Looks somewhat important but not a deal breaker. Message me or comment if any of you gents or gals have suggestions. Thanks Anyone have any intel on this place? Asked for "therapeutic release" with hand gesture and had oil poured all over my "region" and was told "you do that" from a lady who for the entire visit knew absolutely no English at all. Finally made my way here last week.

Was a legit massage but so worth it. I got lucky and got JC. Was one of the better massages I have gotten in a long time. Worked out all the kinks. Was legit but will return. I may not have left happy but I left very relieved and relaxed.

Received a very sensual and therapeutic massage but no cumpletion. I t another ftt since it has already been reviewed once. I went in with low expectations due to the location and appearance. Mamasian greeted me and took me back and ended up being my therapist. To my surprise she gave a very good and thorough massage. She used a little too much oil but really worked my knots out. Will return but just wanted to pass along. Be safe Was in town for business and went bye this place not knowing anything about it.

Walked in and was greeted by Sunny. She is attractive with a nice rack pushing hard on her shirt. I was getting excited at the thought of seeing those breasts. She started and I thought we were off to the races and then the phone kept ringing. Three times at the beginning of the massage. Finally I asked her if she wanted to get more comfortable and take her clothes off.

I thought she was going to run out of the room when she realized what I was asking. I soon got the message about no funny stuff.

Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing that hot body of hers. I would agree with the others on here that it was a very comprehensive and thorough massage. Gauge Was in town for business and went bye this place not knowing anything about it. There really is no where in Tally. Everything here is pretty much legit. I have yet to find anything decent around this area in either Pensacola or Gainseville. Is it just me or is this site dead these days? Been checking a few times a week and it just seems that way compared to the activity it had a year or two ago.

Been browsing the BP ads for massage and body rubs as I am in need of one. Last I had was with Tristen and it was amazing. Great full body rub re-leaving all of my tension. Been looking at the new providers and was curious if any of them are worth a visit, or if I could just go see Tristen again. Reviews on these providers is greatly appreciated.

The same experience as everyone else. GREAT massage but no extras. My question is this. For those of you who have had a massage here, do you get the feeling that some of the girls have worked at other places that offer extras?

Or are these girls so squeaky clean that any of them could pass the background check with flying colors and join a convent no questions asked? As I said, great massage, but tired of leaving with blue-ball-itis. Been checking a few times a week and it just seems that way compared to the activity it had a year or two that really a surprise?

Another excellent report on asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster there is nothing going on in the area. I know there are not any Parlors around here that offer extras! If I could just go see Tristen again. In order: Shannon good reviews, youngestunknown mixed google search resultsSierra good reviewsMisty somewhat mixed reviewsCheyenne older, good reviewsand another unknown and a google search of her number turned up bumpkis.

Good christianlouboutinstyle.infon and Morgan are a great duo. Has JC made it back to the App. While my google search fu is strong, my usasg search fu is weak, and thus I can not find them. She looks used to go by the name Alonna with a different phone number.

Pickles gave her a very good review. If you see her, post a review. Been thinking about seeing her as well. Found an ad for a very attractive MILF on the north side of town. Anyone have experience with her? Some of these reviews are a bit old. PM me if you want or post here, either way. Just trying to make a good choice. She used to go by the name Alonna with a different phone number.

I fell for the pics as well. Looks pretty good here but they are old ones. Nice person but no one likes to be fooled. I was driving through town yesterday and noticed a sign that said " Massage ".

Its located off Killearn Center Blvd across from Publix and behind the auto super service center. There are a bunch of small offices back in there and while passing by I noticed the sign. I just had the greatest massage recently from a wonderfully attentive white male masseuer in Tallahassee with amazing hands and technique.

I highly, highly recommend him. He is gentle, respectful, and knew how to touch in all the right places. Send me a private message if you want to be put in touch with him.

Wow was he amazing. It has been confirmed many times that the place on Parkway is legit only but good. Have gone many times because it is good and the ladies were very cute, California. Walked in today and was met by two new beauties! Received great massage from Michelle. Legit but seemed a little more playful toward end. Will be back and will hopefully have some good news!

Wow was he veiled ad, dude. Well, went back Friday and was seen by one of the girls that has been there a while. No sign of the new girls although I did hear several females talking in the back. Papisan was there are it seems things are not as carefree when he is around. Stopped by late on Thursday. Got a great massage and body wash asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster new girl Yuki.

If papasan is in the house, everyone follows happy ending massage in san gabriel valley Tempe, Arizona rules.

If papasan is away the cat might play. If papasan is away the cat might you get extras? I have tried them all. Yuki is definitely my favorite. Still no extras but one great massage. I saw Michelle this morning and papasan was not around, she is totally stiff and legit. Does not even go close to the junk.

She gives an ok massage. I have seen Misty, Shannon, Sierra, Tristen and Nalah. Tristen was the best according to me with respect to going the extra mile to satisfy. Shannon jumps the gun too fast. Was too sweaty at the start itself and too California now.

But aims to please. Nalah does it like a responsibility. No reactions at all, asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster. Starts too soon and wants to get it over with. But she goes got a tight one. Does not even wipe you off. She goes to the mirror the second the job gets done. Sierra has got a good body. Rest is all on the downside. No experience or knack for this job. Does it with a unhappy mind. Which shows in her performance. Misty is stiff and no reactions at all.

Gives much less value for the money. Not a friendly attitude. I agree with most. Tristen is definitely the best. Enjoy it while you can because if I can get through some crap I am taking her off the market!

Misty has a different personality but is extremely pleasant. If Tristen is the girl next door, Misty is the girl I enjoyed picking up at the bar. Good sense of humor and sexy laugh. Met Nicole who I am not sure if she has posted on here or not.

I said beautiful and lady. Great touch and beautiful smile. Had tried Sierra but have never been able to connect.

Did I mention Tristen was my favorite? She will be mine : Ok I know the other girls but who is Tristen? Tristen is Morgan in backpage bodyrubs, she posts almost every day. Ok I know the other girls but who is Tristen? Feel free to PM me with info. She will be you very much for the kind words. Morgan aka Tristen Saw Yuki today.

She is very pretty and has amazing hands! I did not see papasan, but I think I heard him in the back. No extras, but did not try. I really hope one California to get more, but if not I will still be a regular customer. Just saw this ad, anyone toftt yet?

Went to Fuji instead of my typical medically prescribed weekly session. Was met by frequent massaging princess from Pkwy. She sent in Mary who could play offensive line on most local high school teams. Good enough massage with enough hints. After the flip, she put her finger to her lips to indicate to be quiet.

She finished off things manually with vigor and a chuckle. Wish this had really happened. I dreamed of Fuji as well, but in my dream I was told her name is Amy not Mary description was spot on LOL. My dream also was a little different because Amy said I had to finish myself while she fondled the boys, asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster, so YMMV.

Left pretty happy, but will ask for another girl next time. Went back to Fuji since first visit was pleasant and others had reported a lesser experience. Was met by papisan from Pkwy spa. She remembers me and remembers exactly how things went down previously. She reminded me that she was AMY. I guess that means I need to show up with this schizophrenic chunk of Asian goodness decides to be Mary again.

In the Big Lots shopping center on the corner of Apalachee and Cap circle On the end bear Dollar Tree. Has the standard AMP look. I will go next week sometime. The new AMP is nude men massage happy ending Joliet, Illinois Yings she used to work at Mings.

Ying is a lot of fun and I will repeat. Needing a good rub and some good extras BJ and FS. Looking to see these two. First one is legit but not sure about the seccond one. Anyone seen them and have any reviews. I tried contacting the second one but she never picks up. Could be fake, previous ads for that number show a different person. Anyone have any intel on this one? Hidden, did you ever get any info on this one? Anyone have any info on Sierra? Have not seen anything.

I have not seen here but when asking for recommendations from another member she was suggested as a good provider. PM me for more if needed. Private, clean NE location. JDog Stopped in to the AMP on the Parkway yesterday.

Looking for a good massage. Something you always get there. Got a new girl named Leena. She was excellent and most friendly.

The most friendly there since Anna and Left, California. Stopped in to the AMP on the Parkway yesterday. JDogHad a dream after reading your post and just as you described. Still legit just a good massage right? That is all I have had. Mamasan and Papasan must think I am LEO. Any intel on this one? I dreamed of Misty before and it was ok.

Hey guys, interested to know if Misty or Taylor worth what they are asking for? If Taylor is learning from Misty I pass. But that is just from my exp. She does it too quick. They have a new girl Heather. Unknown at this time. I am looking to see if Leena stays in town and pops up somewhere else. Noticed a place called sun spa massage off of cap circle near centerville road, California.

Jdog what was I missing at app pkwy with leena? Stay Leena Like Anna and Before her was giving a little extra. After a great massage, she would give a good hand job while she was topless.

But papas-an has fired them all and found a replacement within a few weeks. Let me know who and what you find at the new sun spa, when you have a chance. Leena, knew she was getting let go and she asked me for my phone number. I have not heard from her yet, so I am not sure if she how to give my girlfriend a massage Arlington, Texas still in town.

Leena Like Anna and Before her was giving a little extra. I have not heard from her yet, so I am not sure if she is still in and let me know what you find.

I checking into the new place they are not open yet but construction looks almost done. Or if someone new is finally in town.

I had tried many times with her but to no avail. I had finally given up. Good news, I got a text from Leena yesterday and she will be working at Safe Sun, California. They are opening this Friday.

This looks like good news for us. Says your inbox is full. I made an appointment with Leena today and to summarize, it was legit with possibilities. California gave a fantastic massage. Good enough that I will lesbian massage surprise happy ending Santa Maria, California back even without extras.

She was friendly and tested the waters a little, but never touched the boys and when it was over, it was over. No chance to even ask about extras. Tried the spa today and it was a good massage, period. Has anyone got any information about asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster possibilities and quality at Ying? Stay happy ending massage santa clarita West Palm Beach, Florida dream of Leena at sun spa.

From reading previous posts was dreaming there might be more than a great massage. Just a great massage. Anyone else have a better dream of Leena lately? Just for jollies I followed up at Fuji.

Apparently a raging boner gets you a quick exit for hot towels California the end of your session. Wendy is a no go. Has anyone tried the new massage place or know where it is? PM me with details, asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster. I might swing by tonight and see what the place looks like. Edit: I Google the number with interesting results. I took a nap and dreamed of Natural Healing Spa. Guys, we are good to go! I dreamt of a mama San type named Rola who had a decent body and allowed roaming with a fantastic HE.

Rola is leaving tomorrow, but Eva is another girl I met and she is younger with a nice little body nice size rack too!

A little high for me, but supply and demand I guess. Of course I only dreamed all of this, but I will have this dream again soon. Of course I only dreamed all of this, but I will have this dream again spa is this that you dreamed of? Was table showers involved? BEAUTIFUL young woman met met at door by name of Eva. Excellent massage that hit all the right places.

On the flip she asked what I wanted. Sweetest stuff I have smelled in quite a while. Was invited back and think I will make it unless my ATF contacts me first. Wish this would have been something other than a dream, California. After being invited to come back "for more" by Eva, I made appointment. Jin picked up where Eva left off.

Jin was new to location and was focused on pleasing fully. Wonderful smooth skin wrapping a sweet body was perky natural tits.

If we could finish shaving that sweet stuff we would have something legendary. You understand this was only a dream but it was awesome. Just wanted to say that Wrangled is spot on and then add a little. I also dreamed of Natural Healing. Jin or Jinny was very good. Excellent massage that actually continued the massage after the happy ending. After clean up detail, Jin finished the massage on the flip side legs and thighs, etc. There was no table shower available unfortunately.

There is a massage room upstairs also. Her English is excellent which always helps. I had a wonderful dream and hope to dream again. Please PM if you do not want to post. There on BP just I did look on BP and there is no address associated with the ad. They have two ads, one in the body rub section and the other in the therapeutic massage section.

Both have the same disconnected phone number and neither has an address. I also googled the name and came up with a legit sounding business Centre Point BLVD. I was planning a drive by, but would like to have better info before I set out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will send you the address. Visited natural healing aka herbal spa based upon reports on the Tallahassee board. Since they are one in the same you hopefully know what to do. Door was answered by Amy and she was the masseuse on duty. Amy was very nice and gave a GREAT massage. When the massage was finished she asked me what I wanted. Since I prefer the spinner type, I opted for HE vs FS which I believe was probably on the table and was handsomely rewarded with a nice slow release.

I would repeat just for the massage. California the next visit will be with a more nubile provider. Can someone assist me with finding this place, via inbox message, thanks in advance. Use the fourth, Luke. Gator, can you help me with the location of Natural The BP ad for Herbal Spa has the address as well, asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster.

I was really surprised by the response to my post. BTW, Amy is of Asian decent. Forgot to mention that. Had a dream at Dream Spa latest AMP in town today, everything was on table. Will Dream again for sure, California. They are located in one of the buildings near Health spa or whatever they call themselves this week.

I made an appointment with LuLu California love these names they come up with. LuLu gave me a nice massage and I soon fell asleep. I had the most amazing dream that she spent plenty of time on the boys and glute area while my hands roamed. I have to say the HE was amazing and her breasts are beautiful. She then finished the massage which was worth it by itself. I hope to dream of full service next time. I was at health spa a while ago and Eva was there.

So the girls fromHealth Spa went to Dream Spa now? I will give this new place a try. Ended up by accident at Dream. Tried to go somewhere else but my California would not allow a wait. Very cute Asian with very large rack that apparently likes to be touched, California.

Little bit of belly but I actually enjoy some meat on the California. There was never a mention of any additional funds although there was my change sitting there and I guess she thought she could earn it. Would possibly return if schedule played out like it did today but would probably negotiate more service. It was kind of nice not having to deal with the silly "what do you want" routine. Cute mamasan was pleasant and made sure I was planning on coming back. Very clean and safe location.

Had not been posting ad due to internet issues. Just a reminder to be careful. Would love more info on this PM if needed. What are they doing with the pics, giving them to LEO? I do not think that I am the only Monger that does not park in front of the establishments that I frequent. A little common sense goes a long way. Has anyone visited Anna? Just a warning for you all. Anyone have any other info yet? Has anyone partaken of this one? I tried calling and stopped by couple times.

Are they closed for good? The girl pictures is not the girl who shows up. The lady who came to me was African American heavy and tatted, California.

Pretty but service was not good. Items were missing from home when she left. Anyone been to Dream Spa lately? Called and stopped by couple times, no one was there. Are they closed for good?! I recently had a dream about this place. They replaced Lulu my favorite girl with Lili, who slipped a finger while she was giving me a BBHJ. I just went to Health Center. My masseuse called herself Sofia and said she had been there for just a few months.

So is this as good as it gets? Dream Spa stopped advertising on BP a week ago, and a sign on the door says Closed. But if so, where is it? Next to Health Center? Can someone PM me what the natural healing spa address is and is this still a spot with extras running? Can someone pm me the address for natural healing spa and what they offer if theyre still a decent place?

I am pretty sure that "The Health Center" and the "Natural Healing spa" are one and the same. What is offered is some what based on who is working. They had a lot of turn over at the beginning. And each new girl had a different menu.

A different young girl every other week. So I think the menu is HJ. A door sign sometimes says CLOSED sometimes OPEN. Supposedly a mix of HE and CFS per reviews. Is this what you figure too? Anyone got the scoop? Anyone got the scoop. Can confirm its open. And unfortunately a waste of time.

First impression is like some of new places in town. Avoid for Slim for the update. I have driven by and seen the lights on and the "open" sign but had heard nothing. If anyone knows more, please chime in with any new info. Right now there seems to be two women at Dream Spa, Korean Lee and Cici, though only Lee was in. On the negative, she is bigboned and overweight, and she also had a bit of an attitude, talking more about money than was necessary.

Any info on Cici, age, looks, size, attitude? Ok, I have been out of town for a while. I am in need of a quick release. What place is the most promising when you need some special attention? Wish there was a place here they gave special attention and did Table or Stand up showers. I have myself reported on two other MP ladies. Arrived told the prices for an hour. Opted for an hour, then I was told that she did not have an hour only half hour.

Thought about it and hated to waste the gas driving there for nothing, asked when will she have California hour, which I was told not this evening.

If you all want to go to a real spa with real happiness, go down to St Pete. Hopefully since the hobby bug has bit me again I will have better reports in the future. Hopefully since the hobby bug has bit me again I will have better reports in the about right. Similar to my visit. Usually I dream of better service California the health center, so I hope I only dream of that location from now.

Usually I dream of better service at the health center, so I hope I only dream of that location from you describe the women in your health center dream? Can you describe the women in your health center dream? However, California, recently theyve been older, however the BR techniques have improved. Last time I dreamed of that place I caught a glimpse of one woman who looked younger than the other, unfortunately she was unavailable.

This is my go to place for now. Had many good services. One older one younger. I liked the older one better. She knows her stuff well. Went to Health Center. Had seen Jenny on several occasions. Today I ended up with Sophia. Body rub was better with Sophia. Just as with Jenny, there was never any mention of money. Service concludes with Jenny with no mention of change although it is visible. Sophia offered change that was not present but I also did not request.

Good standard undraped back rub. On the flip all attention on needed area. Jenny usually lets me lick the kitty. Nothing spectacular but nothing to complain about. Standard fall back place when pickings are slim elsewhere. Standard fall back place when pickings are slim uncle LEO issues at the business center? Standard fall back place when pickings are slim problems with uncle LEO asking asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster dreams as you leave HC?

Went back to Health Center. Called and requested Jenny. For the second time they confirmed but sent someone else into room.

Disappointed until I got a real look at the newest addition that would serve me. She did not ask what kind of massage. Went to work with lightest massage I have ever had. Camped out half of the time on my ass. On flip she went straight to business. Offered a "touch" for extra. I gave the look. She obviously had been told I was a known entity.

Played with incredible tits. Fairly small but extremely perky. Nipples are rock hard. Touched firm ass again and she offered kitty for another.

She laid down and allowed me to suck on pure honey until what seemed to be authentic finale occurred. She then took care of my hardest situation. Will repeat even with crappie massage. Problem is that she said name was Sophia. Thin, in shape body.

Most beautiful girl I have seen there. Stopped at the Health Center while I was in town recently. Went in for a massage in the morning and only California San was there. Decided to go for it anyways and had a pleasant experience. Would have liked there to be a table shower there but the warm towel worked just fine. Even got more massage after my ending. Hey guys, can I ask where this health center is located? Or if you could tell me of any other place I can check out I would be thankful.

Location: from add link above. We are behind the CAMPUS USA Bank. Thai massage video happy Costa Mesa, California are in the office buildings.

Please look for our sign "HEALTH CENTER". Good size neon sign, also says "open". PM me for details please. I have seen Riley. Very pleasant experience, lets you roam your hands and I left very happy. The Health Center has a new girl Sophie, same name as earlier older woman. She is much younger, the massage is not as good, nor as professional, but the menu has increased. New girl, Sophie is adding more to the menu. I have not seen the first Sophie for a while, but Jenni is still available.

I have never been to AMP how do I go about iniating services? Saw this on BP today. Not sure I would call that a spa. I called and the lady sounded asian. Has anyone been to dream spa recently? Trouble in the past? PM me if you want.

And Yes they have had trouble. The neighbors like to watch and take pictures of people visiting. LEO has been called and informed of the traffic.

I hope this helps. Has anyone had any dealings with Safe Sun Massage? Excellent massage, table shower, great tease, covered, no extra. How much did this set you back? Or is it just a tease and good massage? Hey JDog, was there a happy ending included? I tried Blue Sky Massage in Killearn Center BlVD out this weekend, I had noticed their ad on Backpage. I was pleased with session. I went back tonight and noticed they were already closed and sign was down. Any info on what happened and did they move or just close?

I went to health center about two weeks ago. The usual older woman who I prefer was not there. I requested the middle aged lady and got my wish, but it was just strange. Jenny the older woman has left for California and the old original Sophia has returned after nine months away. I know we are SUPER limited here in Tally town, but Jenny was my favorite. Any suggestions for either AMP or private? Similar thing happen to me.

I have been to safe Sun Massage on several occasions. Always the same woman. Always the same service. Great massage but no extras. I opted for table shower once. Has anyone had any dealings with Safe Sun Massage?. K, simple enough question, where in tally do you think gives the best table shower?

For me, it had been the Asian Massage on the Parkway, but only when PaPa-son was not around and only with some of the girls that have worked there. Safe sun has been decent. I have not been there in a while, but I never got asian massage apalachee parkway tallahassee happy ending Lancaster extras.

Also any update with Dream recently, I tried a few times but either closed or busy? Stopped by today as I had some time and money to burn. Jenny was upstairs and a new girl who calls herself TIffany answered the door. Cute older nice figure and offered all that can be offered. Had a dream at the health center Sunday evening. Older Sophia is back, Jenny is gone and new girl from LA goes by the name CoCo. Definitely more on the menu with CoCo than Sophia. So which one of the BP BR ladies give the best actual massage as well as their other services?

Always been happy with her. No extra services offered and from what I could see none available. I dreamt that I went to the Health Center recently. Sophia old Sophia, I take it must have been the only one working, as I had to wait a while for my turn.

The only thing annoying, was that she was constantly on the phone, California. First talking to someone in her native language for a long time Papa-san?

Then to several guys trying to make an appointment. In the end, though, the dream ended nicely. Options are limited in Tallahassee, so this did the trick. I dreamed of a similar experience with Sophia. Over the clothes roaming and fantastic hands on the finish. Anybody tried her yet? Donny, yes Sophia the older Sophia has always given a good massage and good service. Always friendly and you get the full hour.

If the "tall" girl is CoCo then then yes, I have tried. Nice to look at and full service available. If it is someone new within the last few weeks then, I have no ideas and would love to hear more myself about any new dreams about the "tall girl". Be safe, bud, will report back if I try her.

Well, I fell asleep the other day while getting a massage at HC. Amazing hands, vocal, and allowed under the clothes roaming. Of course I woke up, paid for my completely legit, professional massage and left. Of course I woke up, paid for my completely legit, professional massage and, I California stopped by the HC this weekend and had a very similar dream by the new CiCi from Chicago.

In my dream she did not even ask for a donation or tip up front like Sophia.